NASCAR Sprint Cup Loudon, September 2015

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I've been a race fan for over 25 years, and I've heard it all the time... "NASCAR isn't a sport.. they just go around in circles...". Well, if you ever have the chance to spend even 15 minutes in a NASCAR garage, you'd change your mind in a heartbeat. Only the hardcore NASCAR fan knows what goes on behind the scenes, and I was lucky enough to shoot it.

Kyle BuschKyle BuschKyle Busch's crew working on his car before the Sylvania 300 on September 27th, 2015.

From the super-tight tolerances on engine parts, to the extreme workouts that the pit crews partake, NASCAR is more of a sport than anyone realizes. And no sooner than the checkered flag falls, the NASCAR teams pack up and head to next week's track to do it all over again. This is a sport that one hundredth of a second could be the difference between starting on the pole, or starting in 20th place.

Carl EdwardsCarl EdwardsCarl Edwards just after driver introductions at the Sylvania 300 on September 27th, 2015.

And then when the race starts, you have to deal with 42 other teams/drivers doing the same thing you are. At tracks like Daytona, the average lap speed is roughly 185mph... and a lot of times the cards are just inches apart. Try that on your local highway doing 55 or 65mph! (well, actually... don't try that... it's not smart..). And at Daytona, the pit road speed is 55mph... so as you're cruising down the highway, think about the driver that's coming down pit road then has to stop on a dime at their pit stall... it ain't easy!!

Danica PatrickDanica PatrickDanica Patrick heading to the garage after a wreck late in the Sylvania 300 on Septeber 27th, 2015.

All during the race, the crew chiefs and pit crews are monitoring just about every aspect of the car as they can... fuel remaining, speed, and other telemetry. Fuel seems to be the tricky one (there are no fuel gauges in a stock car), as Kevin Harvick can agree on... since he was in the lead and ran out of gas on the final lap...!

So in this race, Matt Kenseth took the checkered flag, and the burnout followed...!

Matt Kenseth - BURNOUT!Matt Kenseth - BURNOUT!Matt Kenseth with the winner's burnout after taking the checkered flag in the Sylvania 300 on September 27, 2015.

Watching it on TV is one thing, but to REALLY experience it all, you NEED to get to your nearest race track!

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