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February 12, 2016. The Dome Gym at Burrillville High School, Harrisville, RI. Photo: ©KJ Sports Pics
1. Brad Schionning2. Antwan Dearden3. Antwan Dearden4. Jarred Cabral5. Zach Durand6. The Seniors and their Families7. Dominic Esposito8. Brad Schionning9. Antwan Dearden10. Jarred Cabral11. Zac Durand12. The National Anthem13. Antwan Dearden - Tipoff14. Zach Durand15. Jarred Cabral16. Zach Durand17. Zach Lefebvre18. Dominic Esposito19. Dominic Esposito20. Jay Cabral