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February 20, 2016. Levy Rink at Burrillville High School, Harrisville, RI.
1. The Seniors - Samantha Mancone, Angie Cardone, Anna Nardelli2. Samantha Mancone3. Anna Nardelli4. Angie Cardone5. Waiting to hit the ice...6. The Team7. Kathleen Takita singing the National Anthem8. Samantha Mancone9. Kathleen Takita10. Caysie Gautreau11. Kayla Gravel12. Abigail Bassett13. Caysie Gautreau14. Caysie Gautreau15. Angie Cardone16. GOAL!!!17. Kayla Gravel18. Meg Buxton19. Abigail Bassett20. Angie Cardone